Our Services for Business evolve.


achieves our targets according to national and international standards and specifications in the field of inspection and engineering assuring its conformity with applied regulations and laws.

Through the company’s staff are qualified and well trained Libyan specialists , it adapts utmost accurate techniques and up to date measuring & testing equipments and cooperates technically with other international specialized center in all inspection aspects and technical examinations.

The company most valuable principle is to obtain customers and clients satisfactions by continuous improvement while defining targets and looking forwards to exceed their expectations.

Our services list

    • Civil & structure Design
    • Metropolitan & industrial townships
    • Surveying and Drawings preparation
    • Channel, highway, and railways engineering
    • Bridges and Canals
    • Runways and airport engineering
    • Soil studies and investigation
    • Potable water, sewage networks engineering
    • Visibility and technical studies
    • Micro mechanics measurements
    • Electrical, communication and electronics engineering
    • Commissioning of industrial assemblies
    • Waste management"
    • Project's environmental impact studies
    • Environmental contamination studies
    • Supervision on erection, operation of environmental control units
    • Occupational health, environmental & risk management
    • Preparation of scientific technical training
    • Preparation of bidding and contractual documents
    • Quality observation and control
    • Regular inspection for production running units and preparation of computerized preventive maintenance systems
    • Equipments, spares & industrial appliances
    • Food, cereals & animal feed
    • Medicine & medical instruments
    • Goods, supplies & general materials
    • Electro mechanics
    • Electronics and telecommunication systems
    • Spares of factory production units & row material
    • Educational means & resources
    • Laboratories, workshops & instrumentations
    • Chemical & Petrochemical products
    • Oil, Gas & it's derivatives
    • Metals & wood
    • Furniture, appliances & house ware
    • Heavy equipments, cranes & trucks
    • Clothes, Textile & leather industry
    • Farming and animal products
    • Fertilizer & insect killers
    • Automobile & means of transportation
    • Assessments of welding materials & techniques
    • Evaluation of loss in consignment
    • Obtaining & endorsement of discrepancy report for insurance companies

Why Choose Us?

  • Quality of Service:

    We are skilled and specialize in providing inspection services and engineering consultancy, and where we harness these skills to you the highest quality of service regularly and effectively and continuously at all times.
  • Customers and subscribers Care

    We believe that our customers' service quality is not as important as the quality of our own so we give priority is always to our customers to help them in choosing the best and most appropriate services that meet their needs and with close follow up to make sure they are at the top of satisfaction with the service and effectiveness.
  • Confidence and credibility

    When looking for the services you need, you need to understand your needs and to meet them credibility, without an increase or decrease, and also to ensure that all the standards that have been through the selection of the service to be clear and consistent and will not change.
  • The diversity in the main service and additives

    What sets us apart from others that we are always ready to meet all your needs of inspection services and engineering consulting, and also provide added services and support to Main service, which correspond to and complement the customer's need.
Liability & Promise
Our services are compatible with all international quality standards, and in accordance with the law and regulations of local and international legislation.
  • Company license No. (45141) according to Libyan law No. (21) of 2007 on the practice of service activities.
  • Chamber of Commerce registered No. (999) according to Libyan law No. 23 of 2010, the Libyan legislation